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Doriano, the World's First Tokenized Competition Horse

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Doriano 'Lympid' de Blondel the world’s first tokenized competition horse

Doriano 'Lympid' de Blondel, is a champion competition horse known for his outstanding performance and pedigree.

“I had a good feeling during the trial, the horse only improved throughout the session. He is a big horse with quality and strength that will suit a rather tall rider”
- Bertram Allen's (world top 50 rider)
This initiative is a collaboration with Pegasus Equestrian Partners, blending the thrill of horse competition with cutting-edge blockchain technology.
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Doriano 'Lympid' De Blondel

Powerful and careful with an excellent temperament, Doriano de Blondel competes in CSIO4* Grand Prix and is ready to take on 5* competitions.
Son of Vagabond de la Pomme, 2nd in the World Cup Final in Las Vegas, Doriano comes from the renowned “de Blondel” dam line, from which have originated  numerous international performers.
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Excels up to four-star level: clear in the 1.55m Nations Cup at the CSIO4*-W in Rabat, 8th in a 1.50m at the CSI3* in Oliva, 9th in the CSIO4*-W Grand Prix in Rabat…

Deal Conditions

Doriano belongs to Pegasus Fund. Any offer for Doriano in 2024 above USD 680K until September 30, 2024 must be considered for the purchase of Doriano tokens (Pegasus might choose to sell the horse or not, but must repurchase Doriano tokens for the equivalent percentage).

Any offer from Doriano after September 30, 2024, above USD 760K must be considered for the purchase of Doriano tokens.

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