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Real World Assets to
empower your portfolio. More liquidity. Less friction.

Ever thought on investing on a Rolex? How about a competition horse? Lympid is the solution, offering a straightforward, transparent path to alternative investment opportunities, making premium assets accessible to everyone.
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We are on a MISSION

Trillions of dollars in premium assets are currently only accessible to the mega wealthy. Why should only the ultra rich be able to access the finest assets?

No more of that, you can now invest in the most exclusive assets from $30 to $1M.

With tokenization and fractionalization we are able to split a high-end asset into small pieces.
This process allows you to invest in a small portion with an amount of your choice.
You do not need to worry about managing the assets, we take care of custody, insurance and due diligence. Just click a button and enjoy the benefits.

What makes us different?

We simplify the investment process of the most premium RWAs in the world.

Intuitive app designed for ease of use by new-comers and experts.
Streamlined onboarding process that only takes a few minutes to complete.
Clear, jargon-free communication that puts understanding financial opportunities within reach.

We source the best investment assets for you.

Our assets are sourced to give your money the best value and return on investment.
All our assets enjoy qualified custody and insurance.
Commitment to maintaining a stable and secure investment platform.

Buy crypto with Fiat

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Go from crypto to Fiat to your bank account in seconds
Buy BTC, ETH and many more
Deposit crypto on several chains

We ensure a regulatory framework and environment

We closed several partnerships with entities operating under the supervision of BaFin and EFIU.
All tokenized assets have a legal opinion an analysis previously to the offer.
Fiat on and off ramp.
3 months investment volume
Committed assets for tokenization
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And trusted by the best partners

Backed by 1inch, Chainlink Build, and Fintech House, Lympid is revolutionizing the way people invest in tokenized assets.

With strategic partnerships with Anchorage Digital, Ankr, and Segup, Lympid connects users directly to decentralized liquidity, enabling investments in a variety of assets directly from vIBAN accounts, while ensuring security and a compliant environment.
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A powerful team who ensures delivery.

Founder & CEO
João Lages
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Gonçalo P.
founder & coo
André Lages
Jorge Pereira
tech lead
João Gonçalves
Nuno Fernandes
João Novais
Francisco Varela

A message from the Founders

We made it our mission to simplify investment products

At Lympid, we made it our mission to simplify investment products and empower people to make confident financial decisions.

We understand that investing your hard-earned money can be intimidating, so we created Lympid to provide anyone with accessible, transparent, and user-friendly solutions that make the world of finance and crypto more approachable.

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