Ether gas fees can be seen in etherscan, eth gas station and DEXs

December 21, 2022

Where can I see ethereum average gas fees?

There are a number of places where you can check the average gas fees on the ethereum network so let's dive in on some of them.

Etherscan as one of the most popular places to see eth gas fees

The average price of Ethereum gas fees may be seen in real-time on a number of websites. Etherscan, a blockchain explorer that offers a range of details about the Ethereum network, including the current average gas price, is one well-liked choice.

Visit the subpage to see the current average gas price on Etherscan. By doing so, a page with details about the Ethereum network will open, along with a graph displaying the average gas price over time. You may view the most recent average gas price on the chart because it is updated in real-time.

Eth Gas Station as a great alternative to check gas fees

The website Eth Gas Station (, which offers details on Ethereum gas costs and network congestion, is another choice. The website shows Gwei's average gas price (a unit of Ether), as well as the fast, average, and safe gas prices for various transaction speeds.

On an Ethereum-compatible cryptocurrency exchange, you may also look up the typical gas price. Most exchanges show the current gas price alongside the current price of ether, and some, like Uniswap or 1inch, even let you customize the gas price for individual transactions.

Remember that depending on gas demand and the general amount of network congestion, the average gas price can change dramatically over time. In order to avoid overpaying, it is crucial to verify the current national average gas price before making a purchase.

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