Crypto Risk Score

A = 1
The Diligent
You are cautious about your investments and you like to keep them safe.
B = 2
The Conservative
You are conservative with your funds, but you still want to take a few risks.
C = 3
The Ambivalent
You are stepping into risky waters, but you still like to manage the risk.
D = 4
The Adventurer
If you like volatility, big rewards and big risks, this is for you Indiana Jones.
E = 5
The Gambler
Ready player one, take your chances.

How do we calculate the risk?

The risk is calculated taking into account several risk factors and indexes created by our team of experts.

Liquidity risk

Legal risk

Security risk

Governance risk

Volatility risk

Social risk

Always do your own research and note that no investment goes without risk!
Happy investments 🎉