Only positive news for this week, from car manufacturers adopting blockchain to BTC cleaner energy.

December 9, 2022

Crypto Market Update 09–12–2022

Hey everyone, we’re back with Lympid’s weekly recap with the most important — or most curious 🤓 — news from the crypto space 🔥

But first, as always to begin, a curious fact:

The world’s oldest living land animal just turned 190 years old this week and guess what animal it is? A turtle of course 🐢 ! His name is Jonathan, and it’s a Seychelles giant tortoise that is thought to have been born in 1832. I guess I should ask him what’s his secret 😁

Meanwhile working to pay for it, so let’s get down to business 💼 💵

This week our traffic light is only green:

🟢 Porsche and BMW enter the crypto race.

German car manufacturer Porsche announced an upcoming NFT project (more here) consisting of 7.5K tokenized vehicles, while BMW also seems interested in web3 (more here) as the company applies to trademark its logo in association with a host of web3 services and products. 🏎

🟢 Bitcoiners are holding on to their coins.

25% of Bitcoin hasn’t moved in 10 yearsand a new record of 66% hasn’t moved in the past year. Large percentages of stopped coins generally indicate that their holders are confident that better times are ahead. 🚀

(more here)

🟢 Bitcoin is getting greener.

New evidence shows that 52.2% of Bitcoin Network uses clean energy, with 29 mining companies running almost fully on a green basis. This being always a hot topic for discussion, reports with actual data are positive for technology adoption. ♻️

(more here)

Finally, with Christmas Day approaching, make your list and tell us what you would prefer to read in our next newsletters 🎁

Have a great weekend everyone, talk again next week 👋


Great job on learning something new today 🎉