US continues with the attacks on crypto. MicroStrategy reinforces Bitcoin holdings. World leaders are finally teaming up.

March 31, 2023

Crypto Market Update 31-03-23

Welcome to our recap, let’s check the most relevant crypto events of the week!   📰😎

Last 7 Days Market Performance:

Bitcoin is up 0.75%, now at € 26.212,28

Ethereum is up 2.17%, now at € 1.688,49

Total crypto market cap: € 1.09 Trillion

Our curious fact for this week: did you know that Google rented goats ? 🤔 In 2009, at their Mountain View headquarters, Google rented 200 goats to mow their lawns as a low-carbon alternative, pretty smart right? 😅 I mean this is Google we’re talking about so they probably also extracted milk and made cheese, but don’t quote us on this last details… 😅

Ok, now onto this week’s updates:

🔴 US continues with the attacks on crypto. 😖

In a story that keeps repeating itself, this week the target is the biggest crypto exchange in the world, Binance is being sued by the american authorities (CFTC). The accusation is based on failure to register with this entity for offering specific trading services and also for suspicions of allowing US customers to use their platform when they were specifically restricted to do it. Plus there is also the suspicion that Binance was counter-trading its users on their own platform. 😐 Binance has answered to the charges claiming them “unexpected and disappointing”. 🙄

🟡 MicroStrategy reinforces Bitcoin holdings 🧐

The American publicly traded tech giant has just announced another millionaire investment in the biggest cryptocurrency, a whopping $150 million were spent by MicroStrategy to acquire 6,455 BTC between February and March 2023. The company now owns approximately 138 955 bitcoins which is around $4.14 billions worth. 🤯 The founder, Michael Saylor is a well known personality on Crypto Twitter (CT) and has long been bullish on cryptocurrencies. He surely is putting his money (or his company’s money) where his mouth is. 😯

🟢 World leaders are finally teaming up 🤜🤛

Recent news stated that G7 are expected to outline a global cooperative strategy for digital assets in May, which include leaders from Japan, the US, the UK, Canada and the EU. 🧐 Some of these countries already have regulation in practice, however the goal of reaching a global agreement on standards for digital assets is still in play and would be beneficial for everyone. Sharing this vision for the near future is the first deputy to the Danish Parliament, a woman who’s an advocate for blockchain technology and innovation, Alexandra Sasha believes that these new technologies will be “widely used by 2030”. We’re here to contribute for adoption. 😉

We had yet another rollercoaster week, this  space never ceases to amaze us, it works 24/7 and moves at such a rapid pace that it’s challenging to keep up. That’s why you should join our channels to keep up with the latest relevant events and share with our community members your perspective.  😉 Check our official links here!

That’s it for this week, have a great weekend! 😎


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