Crypto Phishing Attacks. US Ethereum ETF Postponed. 580 Million People in Crypto.

January 26, 2024

Crypto Market Update 26-01-24

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you all had a terrific week like we had at Lympid (📱🍏), and as always here’s your weekly recap 😎📰

Last 7 Days Market Performance 

Bitcoin is up 0.8%, now at $ 42,071.00 📈

Ethereum is down 9.3%, now at $ 2,257.00 📉

Total crypto market cap: $ 1.69 Trillion

Fact for the week 🤔:

💸POV: You’re a fully grown adult and your parents still hand you a 💵 whenever you see them: don’t be too embarrassed! A recent research found that 60% of parents help their young adult children (up to 35) financially. The other interesting fact is that 14% of all adult children receive a money transfer from their parents at least once a year. That’s why we love our parents… kidding of course 😄

Onto this week’s updates 🚦

🔴 Crypto Phishing Attacks 🎣

This may be no news, but it’s never enough to say. Crypto phishing attacks are increasing with the rise in crypto prices. Scammers are targeting users with deceptive emails and fake profiles and the situation is exacerbated by the use of popular platforms like Discord and deceptive tactics like fake airdrops and journalist impersonations. Amidst this chaos, never forget, maintaining a security-first mindset and using measures like two-factor authentication is essential for protection.🛡️

🟡 US Ethereum ETF Postponed ⌚

The US regulator (SEC) has postponed its decision on BlackRock's Ethereum ETF, extending the review period due to a lack of public comments. This follows the SEC's trend of delaying crypto-related decisions, with a final verdict on the Ethereum ETF now expected in May. After the approval of the Bitcoin ETF, everyone is looking at the 2nd most valuable crypto now to enter the world of Wall Street 👀

🟢 580 Million People in Crypto 🌍

According to a new report, in 2023 the global cryptocurrency user base skyrocketed to 580 million, marking a significant growth from 432 million the previous year. This surge, amounting to a 34% increase, occurred despite a prolonged bear market. The report highlights notable rises in Ether and Bitcoin ownership, with Ether users growing to 124 million and Bitcoin users reaching 296 million by year-end. Are you one of us? 🧑🤝

🎬 As the saying goes, “the sea is not always high” and this week the tide was low. But not for us here at Lympid, we achieved a goal that we have been working on for a while and our mobile app is not only on Google Play Store, but also on the App Store now. 📱🍏�

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