ECB: Bitcoin Value Zero. Altman Boosts Worldcoin. Reddit's Crypto Play.

February 23, 2024

Crypto Market Update 23-02-24

Happy Friday everyone!

Here’s your weekly recap 😎📰

Last 7 Days Market Performance 

Bitcoin is down 1.9%, now at $ 51,100.00 📉

Ethereum is up 5.3%, now at $ 2,940.00 📈

Total crypto market cap: $ 2.04 Trillion

Fact for the week 🤔:

💾 Nvidia keeps breaking records and yesterday had the largest single-day surge in market value ever, reaching a valuation near $2 trillion. The stock rise is being fueled by the unstoppable demand for its artificial intelligence technology. 🚀

Onto this week’s updates 🚦

🔴 ECB: Bitcoin Value Zero📉

The European Central Bank (ECB) doesn’t like Bitcoin and it’s not hiding it. This week the ECB advisors criticized Bitcoin as unsuitable for payments or investment, highlighting its vulnerability to fraud, environmental harm, and market manipulation despite recent U.S. ETF approvals. They are also predicting another damaging boom-bust cycle. The thing is, Bitcoin calls into question the power of currencies like the euro 🙄

🟡 Altman Boosts Worldcoin 📈

Worldcoin's WLD token surged over 100% this week, influenced not by its own achievements but by the aura of its founder, Sam Altman, and the launch of OpenAI's AI product, Sora, highlighting the impact of prominent figures on crypto valuations. If you haven’t seen what Sora is capable of, you should check it 😯

🟢 Reddit's Crypto Play 🎮

Reddit revealed this week investments in Bitcoin and Ether in its IPO filing, aiming to join the ranks of corporations integrating digital assets into their treasuries. The company also utilizes Ether and Polygon for virtual goods sales, marking a significant move in embracing cryptocurrencies. 🙂

🎬 Hope everyone can enjoy the weekend and keep learning about this exciting space! 🔥

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