$2.7 Million in Crypto Stolen. 50 Million Bitcoin Wallets. Solana Phone Sales Surge.

December 22, 2023

Crypto Market Update 22-12-23

Happy Friday everyone!

And a Merry Christmas for all! This is your present from us 😎📰

Last 7 Days Market Performance 

Bitcoin is up 4.5%, now at $ 43,732.00 📈

Ethereum isup 4.6%, now at $ 2,332.00 📈

Total crypto market cap: $ 1.74 Trillion

Fact for the weeks 🤔:

🎄The Christmas season significantly boosts economies worldwide, with the U.S. alone spending over $1 trillion on holiday-related expenses. This season creates a substantial economic impact through retail sales, travel, and entertainment. But be careful, don't yolo your life savings away, there’s more next year 😅

Onto this week’s updates 🚦

🔴 $2.7 Million in Crypto Stolen 🚨

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a crypto hack! This week the decentralized exchange (DEX) OKX has suffered a security breach that enabled hackers to get away with $2.76 million worth of Ethereum, USDT and USDC. These constat hacks are one of the reasons normal users don’t get into crypto, so we all expect that the new years brings protocols with greater security guarantees 🛡️

🟡 50 Million Bitcoin Wallets 📈

This is a new record, there are now over 50 million bitcoin wallets with bitcoin balance! This means that millions of people hold the most important crypto asset and actually 70% of them haven't touched it in over one year! These metrics keep showing that, although negative market sentiment, bitcoin adoption has been growing nonstop! 📊�

🟢 Solana Phone Sales Surge 📱

Solana's Saga phone sales skyrocketed after a free 30 million BONK airdrop, now valued at $877, exceeding the phone's $599 price. The memecoin Bonk surged 1,100% in 30 days, creating an unusual arbitrage opportunity and prompting sales limits to one phone per household. This sales frenzy marks a significant turnaround for the previously struggling Saga device. This only happens in crypto 😅

🎬 Well, just wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, hope you enjoy this time with the ones you love the most 🎄💫

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Talk next week 👋


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