Worldcoin looking to have your iris. Bitcoin addresses holding 1 BTC or more reach one million. France invites U.S. crypto firms to have dinner at its place.

May 19, 2023

Crypto Market Update 19-05-23

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s Friday, so we are back with the latest and hottest news in the crypto scene. Also, if you have any suggestions on topics we should write more often, let us know 📰😎

Last 7 Days Market Performance 

Bitcoin is up 2.45%, now at $ 26,913.28 📈

Ethereum is up 2.90%, now at $ 1,809.98 📈

Total crypto market cap: $ 1.13 Trillion

Fact for the week:

A snapchat influencer made more than $71,000 in one week after releasing an AI version of herself, and charging fans $1 per minute to be their virtual girlfriend, Fortune reported. As of last week, CarynAI had more than 1,000 “boyfriends” (aka paying subscribers), and according to her own estimates, she could eventually bring in $5 million/month from her chatbot. That’s wild... 🤯

Ok, now onto this week’s updates 🚦

🔴 Worldcoin looking to have your iris.

So, if you haven’t heard yet of Worldcoin, this is a crypto project founded by ChatGPT creator, Sam Altman, and its objective is to scan as many eye iris as possible, in a purpose to bring verification of humans against robots and artificial intelligence. The project announced this week its intentions of “distinguishing between humans and bots, and providing a form of universal basic income which might offset job losses caused by AI.”, all based on a new open-source crypto protocol. 👁️

🟡 Bitcoin addresses holding 1 BTC or more reach one million.

In a new milestone for the industry, according to the Glassnode Studio, this week the number of wallets with more than 1 bitcoin surpassed 1 million. By way of comparison, it is the equivalent of three times the population of Iceland, twice that of Malta or the equivalent of the total population of Cyprus. At the time of this publication, it would take about $26,000.00 to enter this ultra-restricted group. 😎

🟢 France invites U.S. crypto firms to have dinner at its place.

French regulators are seducing American crypto firms saying they are “welcome” in the country. At the same time that Americans show strong aggression towards the crypto sector and projects leave the country, in France, greatly supported by the approval of the new European law that regulates the sector, they are embracing innovation. 🍷

🎬 Slow but steady, crypto adoption continues on the rise, both by individuals and nations. At the same time, the areas of artificial intelligence and crypto converge, giving rise to a vision of a totally different world within a few decades. Is a revolution at the level of what happened to the internet just around the corner?

Talk next week. 👋


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