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Risk score
Avg Volume
Risk Type
Sub-risk Score
There is a high tokenomics risk since the percentage of tokens not in circulation is above 20%
There is a below average concentration of tokens in just one wallet, usually between 1% and 3%
Average yearly volume is above 1 billion meaning you won't have problems trading, it is a high liquid market
Liquidity Risk
For now data oracle companies usually don´t need specific licenses, however if an orcle service intends to provide securities data it maybe subject to a regulatory framework.
Oracle companies legal framework is still a grey area.
Legal Risk
Beta is between 0 and 0.5, meaning that the average token price moves slower than the market. Usually half of the volatility
Value at Risk is below 5%, meaning that in a worst case scenario 5% of your investment is at risk in one day
Volatility Risk
Several VCs are backing Chainlink, such as: Limitless Crypto, Fundamental Labs and TGE Capital
Chainlink counts on an extensive team with its core founders still active
Governance Risk
The project has been active for a long time, more than 5 years
TVL metric does not apply in this product
Chainlink was already exploited which led to 700 Eth loss
There are at least 2 audits from reputable sources
Security Risk
This project has an engagement index between 2.5% and 4.5% on Twitter (this is a very good index, meaning that the content is considered valuable)
This project has over 30000 followers on Twitter
Social Risk
All values are updated on a dailly basis.

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