A distributed network for various protocols. Leading DEX liquidity agregator.
Risk score
Avg Volume
Risk Type
Sub-risk Score
There is a high tokenomics risk since the percentage of tokens not in circulation is above 20%
There is a below average concentration of tokens in just one wallet, usually between 1% and 3%
Volume/Market Cap index is between 15% and 8% meaning you won't have problems trading it
Liquidity Risk
Its uncertain if DEXs will have to comply with anti money laundering rules
DEX legal framework is still not clear
Legal Risk
Beta is negative, meaning that the average token price moves in the opposite direction of the market
Value at Risk is below 5%, meaning that in a worst case scenario 5% of your investment is at risk in one day
Volatility Risk
It is backed by world class investors and funds, such as Galaxy Digital, Greenfield One, Libertus Capital, Dragonfly Capital, IOSG and others
The core team have been stable since inception
Governance Risk
The project has been active for a reasonable time, between 2 to 3 years
TVL is below 10M per day, take caution with this product
Other DEX contracts have been hacked, such as Maiar exchange
There are at least 3 audits from reputable sources
Security Risk
This project has an engagement index between 2.5% and 1.5% (this is a good index, meaning that the content is considered valuable)
This project has over 30000 followers on Twitter
Social Risk
All values are updated on a dailly basis.

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