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We’re making access to DeFi easier than buying a pair of shoes

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Crypto is home to the financial instruments with the highest return on investment. We’re building the bridge that will let you put your money to good use.

What is Lympid?
The world is underserved in the crypto space. Accessing multiple platforms, 12-word seed phrases, and keeping your coins safe - that’s what keeps 96% of the world population from owning crypto.

With Lympid, you’ll be able to go from Euro to crypto and back in an instant. Spend anywhere on earth with your Mastercard, access high-yield DeFi opportunities straight from the app, and invest in thematic crypto baskets. One click, and it’s done. It’ll be easier than buying a pair of shoes.
The groundwork is already laid: we’re authorised in Europe as a Virtual Assets Exchange and Custody Provider, and all of our Euros are in the custody of European banks. We’re bringing crypto to the masses, and we’re letting you take part as one of the early adopters.
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